• Oak Leaf Manor North

    Landisville, PA

    115 units

  • Autumn House West

    York, PA

    109 Units

  • Autumn House East

    York, PA

    132 Units

  • Serenity Gardens

    Kulpmont, PA

    45 Units

  • Oak Leaf Manor South

    Millersville, PA

    59 Units

Cardinal Senior Management strives to be a leader in the senior housing offering in the United States.  We offer opportunity for investment with measured return, property management for effective stewardship of family owned residential facilities and potential business franchise ownership with a pathway towards success and reward.

Our story and vision

Our story and vision for Cardinal Senior Management shared by Co-Founders and Partners Chuck Gray and Joe Pohlen.  Special thanks to our friends at Sidecar Stills and Motion for making us look so great!

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Mindful Stewards with Bold Results.

  • History

    Founded in the summer of 2015, Cardinal Senior Management corporate offices are based in Grand Rapids, MI.  Co-founders Chuck Gray and Joe Pohlen began the company with an idea of finding unique properties that needed a fresh culture and an opportunity for turnaround.  Autumn House East and West in York PA were the first buildings and community for the company.

    Lisa Sikes joined the company as the Vice President of Operations and within a year, Serenity Gardens in Kulpmont PA and Oak Leaf Manor North and South in Lancaster PA were added to the portfolio.

  • Approach

    We approach every property with a discerning view about culture, staff readiness, and the devotion of the residents with each other.  The physical character or newness of a property is never our main consideration.  We can change a roof, carpet a room, paint a wall, order new uniforms to bolster the foundation of a great building.  What we want to build upon is the joy during BINGO, the trust of family members of the residents, the taste of a favorite meal, and the neighborliness of every part of our family.

    Our stewardship of investment roots in:

    sound accounting
    on-site skilled leadership
    brand passion
    community involvement

  • Culture

    Our core values remain attentive care, loving compassion, valued dignity, and consistent safety for every resident and staff member of Cardinal Senior Management Communities.  Our team provides a lifestyle for everyone offering hospitality, independence, nurture and respect.

    The culture of our staff involves teamwork, valued recognition, celebrated accomplishments, promotion from within, and pride in every moment of serving seniors and foster adults.

    In an industry that burns out and offers little advancement for front-line staff, Cardinal Senior Management approaches growth, learning and coaching in every staff member offering better retention than industry standard.

  • Method

    Our properties consist of varied partnerships of investment.  Our financial partners value our approach in the senior and adult foster care residential communities.  Our history of better than industry standard in our culture and accounting practices allows for distance investment.

Chief Security Officer
Tyler Wellman
Systems Administrator
Justin Welker
Director of Accounting
Chuck Gray
David Abbott
Executive Assistant
Mike Tatman
Chief Financial Officer
Joe Pohlen
Sam Matthews
Staff Accountant